Accommodation is a very important part of a trip away from home. North Norfolk is a beautiful place to stay and there are a great many reasons to visit this wonderful county. When looking for a hotel or bed and breakfast there are three main elements that contribute to a perfect stay – location, food and comfort.

Hotel Room


A picturesque, storybook village is one description of an ideal location for an English countryside holiday. The town of Cley next the Sea on the North Norfolk Coast, with its windmill and brick and flint cottages fits well into this category. The George Hotel at Cley is one of the most welcoming and delightful hotels in the area. Thanks to the birdwatching and wildlife spotting opportunities, The George is also home to a hand written and illustrated ‘Bird Bible’ where guests can jot down their sightings. The hotel is well worth a visit just to take a look at this fantastic book! Cley is down the road from the Georgian town of Holt which is a perfect place to start from when searching for hotels in the area. A Holt hotel or a hotel nearby is ideally situated for a visitor to the area who would like to make the most of the North Norfolk Coast.


Whether you are a keen foodie or not, food can often be a highlight to a day on holiday or a main feature in a holiday snap. Most people enjoy trying local flavours and cuisine. Or for those who are not as adventurous and prefer simple, classic and delicious flavours, the food in their hotel is equally as important. North Norfolk is brimming with delicious local produce so it would be a shame to overlook the opportunity to stay in a hotel that serves dishes using fresh and local ingredients.


After having enjoyed the beauty of North Norfolk and indulged in delicious dishes from your hotel menu the final factor to ensure a perfect stay is the comfort of your hotel bedroom. Of all hotels in Holt and nearby, The George Hotel at Cley shines again here. The rooms have been recently renovated with all new and incredibly comfortable beds. There are also stunning bedroom views looking out over the salt marshes of Cley.

So on reflection, it is important to consider the three factors mentioned here when looking for a place to stay on a trip away. However if a search criteria has already been narrowed down to ‘a holiday on the North Norfolk Coast’ or ‘a holt hotel’, the rest is made simple by the fact that this area of the British coastline is one of the most beautiful in the country.

The George Hotel has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.