The British naval hero Horatio Nelson once quipped, “I am a Norfolk man and glory in being so.” What is it about the region that once compelled the legendary naval commander to utter those words? A closer look at Norfolk’s historic lands, miles of pristine coastline, traditional seaside resorts, excellent food experiences, and top hotels to choose from should make it easy to understand Viscount Nelson’s sentiments.

Many a local hotel along the Norfolk Coast, like The George Hotel at Cley near Holt, has seen travellers fill their rooms year in year out with many visitors returning year after year to experience the very best of North Norfolk. If you’re wondering about the attractions on offer, here’s a quick rundown for you.


Spectacular Natural Scenery

Perhaps the main reason for North Norfolk being a top visitor destination is that the scenery of the Norfolk Coast is nothing short of spectacular. There’s miles and miles of coastline offering some of the best places in the whole of the UK for wildlife viewing. It’s nature at its very best! Close by you will find the Norfolk Broads, famed for its magnificent waterways and iconic wildlife. The ancient landscape is breath-taking and its beauty simply has to be seen to be believed.

Diverse Wildlife

The Norfolk Coast and its surrounds are home to a wide variety of wildlife, and it is famously known as the UK’s foremost bird watching capital. You can expect to view many different species of birds at any time of the year.

Sublime Cuisine

The abundance of game in Norfolk, as evidenced by the tasty meats served at fine dining establishments throughout the area as well as the various hotels near Holt, and its surrounds, makes for a sublime foodie experience. Pheasants and partridge are available in season. Seafood lovers can enjoy feasting on amazingly flavourful Cromer crabs which are synonymous with the area.

Miles of Untouched Beaches

Boasting over 90 miles of unspoilt coastline, the Norfolk coast offers limitless opportunities for swimming, watersports, and other fun seaside activities. The most popular beaches include Winterton and Sea Palling on the East Coast; and Wells, Holkham and Cromer on the Northern section of the coast. If you’re fortunate enough, you can even view the large seal colonies on these famed beaches.

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The George Hotel has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.