With the accelerated rate of urban development, living in the city can sometimes become too demanding and stuffy.  Every now and then, you need to take some time to reconnect with nature and just blow off some steam. As late summer turns into autumn, now is the the perfect time to take a trip to the countryside, like North Norfolk, and unwind.

Norfolk is an ideal travel destination because of its huge expanse of coastline featuring some of the most important nature and wildlife reserves in the whole of the UK. There’s also miles of unspoilt sandy beaches as well as rich cultural heritage. It also offers wonderful opportunities to spot a wide range of species of magnificent birds as you get to observe them in their natural habitats. Every year, many bird species migrate here to breed and nest. Now in late summer, you might catch rare glimpses of spoonbills, avocet and other interesting breeds.

This largely unspoilt area is the perfect retreat to get a feeling of peace to be at one with your natural environment. The fresh breeze from across the Cley Marshes keeps you feeling invigorated all day long as you hike and explore the one-of-a-kind scenery that this important stretch of coast has to offer.

If you need to cool off, you could simply head to the beach and take in breathtaking views and cooling sea breeze. Just a short walk from The George Hotel at Cley, one of the top hotels near Blakeney, you get to explore pretty coastal villages with their melange of boats and tinkling masts.

At the end of each day, your choice of a hotel in the Blakeney area will welcome you to a world of luxury and comfort. After all, that’s why you left the hustle and bustle of life – to escape and just relax. The George’s plush accommodation will rejuvenate you and keep you pleasantly refreshed throughout the duration of your stay.

During your stay you’ll get to enjoy our wonderful breakfast to set you up for the day but also there’s the chance for you to dine with us for lunch and dinner. We’ve got a fantastic locally sourced menu that changes with the seasons. We even offer shooting packages for those interested in game.

If you are an avid nature lover, there’s no reason to delay any further. Plan your trip, book your hotel, and get ready to enjoy all that Norfolk has to offer.


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