The Cley Marshes in North Norfolk is a 400-acre expanse filled with breath-taking sights, beautiful species of wildlife and endless opportunities for fun for the whole family. There’s the fresh breeze coming from the sea across the Cley Marshes which are ablaze in the sun and a picture-perfect peaceful spot. Exploring the Cley Marshes might just be what you need to unwind, so book your stay at an excellent place like The George Hotel at Cley, and enjoy a few other activities beyond the scenery.

Exploring the Cley Marshes Bird Watching, Long Walks and Beach Life

Watch Birds All Year Round

Cley Marshes was purchased by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust in 1962 for the sole purpose of turning the place into a bird breeding sanctuary. Today, it is known as one of the best spots for bird watching in all of Norfolk and beyond. Here, you’ll find some of the best bird species in their natural habitat; it’s quite beautiful to see them perch from place to place, undisturbed. You’ll find birds like the bittern, marsh harrier, teal, and the bearded tit in the Cley Marshes all year round. In the spring and summer, you’re sure to spot avocet, spoonbill, and other various waders. During the autumn and winter seasons, you’ll get to see wigeon, wintering wildfowl, pintail, brent goose, and other seabirds.

Pull on your walking boots on the Cley Marshes Circular Walk

If you like long walks, and viewing at the same time some surprising historical relics from the war, the Norfolk Trails circular walk is the thing for you. You’ll find many attractions here, such as the Allan-Williams Turret, one of 199 built during its time.

Head to the Beach

If the invigorating smell of the sea breeze sweeping inland from the coast isn’t enough, you can get even closer to the water. Head over to Cley beach, just a short walk past the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre, for a relaxing stroll on the beach. There you’ll spot some signs of Norfolk’s thriving fishing industry— fishing boats, crab and lobster pots on the shore, and some tractors hauling in their catch.

Norfolk is a county that has some astonishing landscapes and activities to offer, one of the UK’s best hidden gems. Norfolk gives you a sense of nostalgia as things are unspoilt and laid back. A visit to Norfolk will see you wanting to come back time and time again.



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