Seaside holidays are always more fun when you can bring your dogs along. Is your dog gentle and well-behaved, or very energetic and playful? Either way, nothing beats that moment when you watch the tranquil sunset with your furry friend, after a late afternoon walk by the coast. There are loads of wonderful beaches along Norfolk’s coastline to take your canine companion to, and one of them is beautiful Blakeney.

Doggie-Friendly Hotels Take Your Pooch on Holiday to the Seaside at Blakeney

Lots of coastal locations in the UK do not allow dogs on the beach during the warmer months, so you’d have to leave them behind. In Blakeney, however, you can always bring them along to enjoy the area’s attractions with you. You will find a welcoming hotel near Blakeney that welcome dogs, perfect for an overnight stay or short break with your pooch. With its long stretch of sandy beaches, nature reserves and vast wide sky, Blakeney is a super destination to choose when you want to take your dog away on holiday with you.

Owners with well-behaved dogs are welcome on boat trips to Blakeney National Nature Reserve (also Blakeney Point), a broad 4-mile stretch of coastline with a colorful landscape, sand dunes, and salt marshes; as well as a sand and shingle spit. It houses a diverse range of wildlife including rare plants, insects, migratory and nesting birds, and a large colony of grey seals. During the breeding season that runs from April to mid-August, however, your dog may be limited to certain areas, or would need to kept on a lead so as to not disturb the nesting birds.

It’s important that your dog stays safe and comfortable throughout your trip so everyone can have a happy and fun time. The George Hotel, one of the widely sought-after hotels near Blakeney, provides doggy-friendly accommodation. It also boasts a stunning view of the Cley Marshes and the North Norfolk coastline, in addition to a delectable menu of seasonal dishes; and yes, you can take your beloved pet to its bar and front restaurant too.

When making arrangements to travel to Blakeney, don’t forget to pack everything you might need for the journey and for your stay itself. Dogs who aren’t used to traveling may feel anxious during the drive so bring along their favorite toys, bed, and food to establish familiarity while in the car. Place them in a crate or use a pet harness to prevent them from distracting you while you’re driving. Most importantly, make sure your dog is microchipped (this is a legal requirement) and is wearing a collar ID tag with your contact number.


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The George Hotel has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.