Norfolk has much to offer those looking for the perfect getaway. With 93-miles of unspoilt coastline with its splendid beaches to the famous Norfolk Broads – rivers and waterways that let visitors see the stunning scenery and enjoy the region’s natural wildlife. Then, when you’ve had a full day of fun and adventure, you should settle down for some fine dining at a hotel near Blakeney like The George Hotel at Cley. Norfolk has several delicacies that are sure to excite your palate.

Seafood Delights

Norfolk’s larder is brimming with local delicacies especially its seafood. With its lengthy coastline and varied waterways, local fishermen catch the bounty of the waters. There are, however, two popular dishes—and ironically enough, they’re not fish. They’re Cromer Crab and Brancaster mussels. Norfolk’s crab thrive in the chalk reef off of the Norfolk coast. Smaller than the normal British crab, their white meat is a tasty treat, especially with a good sprinkling of black pepper and a dash of lemon juice. The large Brancaster mussels are just as delicious; collected and relocated to tidal creeks until maturity, these shellfish are great boiled.

Game, Produce, and Cheese

A restaurant in the Norfolk area isn’t just limited to seafood, though. Norfolk has excellent farms; local produce is often harvested fresh, with farm to fork initiatives aplenty. Norfolk asparagus is a must although the season is short (usually harvested May-June) so you’ll have to be quick. Fresh vegetables aren’t the only fresh things landing on your table. Norfolk turkey is a popular and healthy meat option, while local game is also a speciality. All of this can be topped off with local cheeses from artisan producers ranging from the popular Binham Blue to the mature and hard Walsingham. Delicious!

Wine and More

With all of that food, you’ll need to wash it down. Many restaurants in the area have a fine wine cellar to accentuate the taste of your dishes. However, Norfolk’s greatest pride in the drinking department is the real ale produced in the area. A result of having the country’s best malting barley, the various microbreweries in the area have a foaming flagon ready to meet any of your needs. If you’re not satisfied with that, St. George’s Distillery has been producing fine whisky for over a hundred years.

A visit to Norfolk isn’t complete without satisfying your palate so be prepared to enjoy all the fantastic food and drink experiences Norfolk has on offer.


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