The Norfolk Coast on its own is one of the best holiday destinations in the UK. It holds a distinctive appeal for nature lovers, with its plethora of nature reserves all the way along it and bird species like marsh harrier, bittern, red shank, avocet and others. There’s also occasional appearances from muntjac and Chinese water deer.

It’s no secret why a great Blakeney hotel such as The George Hotel at Cley has made its home there. It’s one of the more popular (and cared-for) destinations out there, evident by sound efforts from the government to protect the freshwater habitat from contamination by sea water. Such efforts are extremely vital since the impending damage would be disastrous for both wildlife and tourism.

There’s lots of things to see and do in the local area. There’s the impressive 4-mile long stretch of Blakeney Point, which encompasses some top wildlife viewing, impressive landscapes, salt marshes, and plant life. You can also visit St. Nicholas Blakeney Church, which is every bit as historic as it is architecturally marvellous. Head to Blakeney Quay if you’re looking to try your hand at ‘crabbing’ or join one of the sailing and fishing trips on offer.

A bracing walk is the best way to experience the Blakeney freshes and surrounding area. There are several waymarked walks to choose from – just follow the signs. Visitors have the option to choose from several routes of varying lengths. The extended walk from Blakeney out to Blakeney Point is seven miles although there are much shorter trails to follow.

A great place to start your walk is from Cley – there is a convenient car park north of the village and from here just follow the signage which takes you out to the sea wall. Don’t miss the spectacular views of Cley from the walk where you can take in Cley Windmill where it has stood proudly since the 1700s. From Cley, the trail crosses the River Glaven and circumnavigates the Blakeney Freshes, and subsequently follows the river as it makes for the sea. The walk through the freshes takes you to Blakeney where you could see St. Nicholas’ Church, and afterwards, you’ll loop back a mile into Cley.

Walking along the Norfolk Coast is the perfect antidote for a busy life where you can forget the hustle and bustle and simply relax. Fortunately, established Blakeney hotels like The George Hotel at Cley can provide you with a great place to lay your head and make your visit to North Norfolk extra special.


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