It’s no secret that we have long enjoyed the reinvigorating feeling of being by the sea, taking in a lungful of sea air and feeling the sand between our toes. Recent census data has also revealed that people who live near the sea are much happier than those who stay inland.

As it turns out, a stay by the seaside in a sublime hotel in Norfolk can offer a much needed health boost, according to a study from the University of Exeter. Researchers say it’s pretty evident that city living can directly affect anyone’s mental and physical well-being and completely undermine it, more specifically due to the release of stress hormones and lack of exercise. In stark contrast, merely getting a whiff of the seaside completely counteracts these harms.

There’s no better time to appreciate the perks of being by the seaside. In the University of Exeter research, they presented study subjects with photographs of ocean views, green fields, or cities, and asked the participants how much they’re willing to pay for a hotel room with each view. When the results came in, the people preferred paying a premium for a room with an ocean view, which for many of us stands to reason.

But what is it exactly with a coastal stay, though, that people love so much? Try looking back at trips you have taken to the coast, maybe during your childhood or in more recent years with your own family. You’ll likely remember some wonderful memories and a sense of nostalgia, of being relaxed and happy. Many of us say that we always sleep better when we have spent time at the coast. If you’re wondering why, it’s the sea air—one that’s filled to the brim with healthy influences that improve your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. These hydrogen ions neutralise damaging free radicals in your body, and balance levels of serotonin (otherwise known as the “feel good” hormone).

It’s not just the sea air either. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it’s in need of a constant stream of magnesium, potassium, and other trace minerals which are found in sea water. Just a quick slap of ocean water on your feet causes a calming effect on the nerves because of the considerable magnesium content. In addition, the sound of ocean waves crashing onto the shore have also been found to alter the wave patterns in your brain, facilitating added calmness.

All of this indicates that a bustling city life can be stressful, and you need every chance to escape it, even just for a little while. Fortunately, the Norfolk Coast is the perfect tonic and is considered one of the best coastal destinations in the UK. If you’re looking for a quick break, try out one of the hotels in Norfolk like The George Hotel at Cley for excellent accommodation and services, all in a pretty setting just a stone’s throw from the North Norfolk beaches.


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